TWLOHA World Suicide Prevention Day Collaboration

In collaboration with TWLOHA and Electric Forest, the team behind Be Interactive did our first project together – orchestrating a secret interview series to show fans how important their stories are.

Lorin of Bassnectar was hidden inside an art installation in Electric Forest’s iconic Sherwood Forest, and for hours he interviewed fans about life, friendship, and mental health. Our partner, TWLOHA, consulted on questions and creating a safe conversational space for those who answered a phone ringing in a forest…

That was so much more fun than playing a set. That was so much more fun than making music. People were wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and they were crying, and talking about suicide and losing their friends, just deep principles of life. I was marveling at that for the past couple days, that at this place in my life that I never intended to get to — I’m almost forty years old — having this dreamlike music career, what stands out to me is just getting to visit with some people and talk about life and death with strangers.

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