Positive Action: Bass Center XII Recap

Expenses covered for 1000 people to get therapy, 5000+ menstrual supplies collected, 8 mental health murals created, 2,237 pounds of food donated, and 415 voters registered.

It’s time to champion the healthcare we all need & deserve, including mental health, and women’s health. That’s why, in Hampton, we chose the themes of mental and menstrual. The women’s health supplies we collected will leave the Hampton community, where 57% are considered working poor, with some relief. The mental healthcare we are offering to the community at large will hopefully open up new opportunities for folks to plug into their own minds and hearts, erasing the stigma that says therapy is only for those in crisis.

1000 Months of Mental Healthcare & Counseling

With the dollar per ticket donated to Be Interactive from Bass Center XII, we are partnering with BetterHelp to provide a free month of therapy to up to 1000 people. Those who participate will receive one session a week, plus unlimited texting.

415 Voters Registered – Breaking Records for HeadCount

Bass Center XII is HeadCount’s most successful 2-day event of so far in 2019, and ranks as #4 for all events in 2019! We broke through last year’s record at Bass Center and registered 415 voters, led by Emily, a basshead who decided to take democracy into her own hands. You can volunteer too at headcount.org/volunteer

Over 5000 Menstrual & Women’s Health Supplies Collected

On both nights of Bass Center, we collected supplies for Hampton Healthy Families, who support over 200 local teens per year with personal health supplies. 57% of households in Hampton are considered “working poor”, and often the recipients of the supplies we collected have to choose between buying food for their family, and taking care of their health.

The program often runs out of supplies, especially at the start of the school year. This year, they won’t. In fact, we’ve donated so much that they will also be shared with girls in Hampton schools, ladies receiving support from Social Services, folks in Hampton’s homeless shelters, and hurricane relief centers.

8 Mental Health Murals Created

Fifteen live painters came together in The Lots at Bass Center to bring artistic inspiration to the theme of Mental Health. Collaborating on eight large-scale murals, these artists explored themes from self-love to knowledge as power. Together, they made art that encourages and inspires.

Thank you @adamfrance, @hilary.astrid, @4uds4rt, @samlikestodoodle, @artbychillwill, @sanzoneart, @julen_the_artist, @artofslim, @nickscotella, @geometrkart, @dready_spaghetti808, @simiealex_art, @joeyallencreations, @sampl3s, & @mr.cranklin.

2,237 pounds of food donated, & more

Other collaborations at Bass Center included a food drive with Conscious Alliance, where 2,237 pounds of food were donated to┬áVirginia Peninsula Food Bank. Our friends at TWLOHA and Students for Sensible Drug Policy also advocated for mental health and drug policy reform in The Lots. And, of course, Bassnectar’s Ambassadors brought their positivity and grassroots projects to The Lots, The Haven, and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who participated in leaving Hampton better than we found it this year.

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