Final Update: Trans Wellness Center Party Grant

Our first LGBTQ+ grant recipient supported trans folks in Los Angeles.

When Be Interactive announced a LGBTQ+ Grant Application, David Giovannini knew his time had come. A volunteer for Bass Network and The Trevor Project, he was well acquainted with the love of the Bassnectar community, and the pain of gender dysphoria.

With help from his boyfriend, a leading volunteer at the Los Angeles LGBT Center (the biggest LGBT center in the US!), friends, and community members, David distributed $5000 worth of celebration, care packages, and love to trans folks in Los Angeles for Trans Wellness Center‘s 1 year anniversary on May 11, 2019. The folks at Trans Wellness Center work incredibly hard every day of the year to provide resources and support to trans folks, for whom the world is often less than kind. To offer this powerful support network a moment to celebrate was a true pleasure.

The work Trans Wellness Center does is deeply important and appreciated.

Over 160 folks came out to the event, and almost everyone took a care package home. Music was provided by GRRRLSNGHT, an LA-based LGBTQIAPOC DJ Crew.

The Trans Wellness Center 1 Year Anniversary event was a massive success – it was a day filled with celebration, self love, good eats, and amazing company! The event was a true collaboration of incredible participants – all brought to life by the folks in attendance. Every color of the rainbow was there to stand and celebrate in solidarity with the trans community. We had everyone from children and their families to 75+ year old trans rights advocates and trailblazers in attendance. We accomplished our goal of creating a safe space to uplift one another, build community, and celebrate everyone for who they are!

– David Giovannini

Transgender folks are among the most marginalized in the LGBTQ+ community, and we are proud to stand up for their right to happiness with David.

All photos credit Paolo Riveros.

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