Education Grant: Feeling & Healing

The first recipient of our Education Grant has been confirmed.

Congratulations to Stephanie, who will receive $14,000 to bring mindfulness education and a Haven room to her elementary school in a part of PA that’s been ravaged by the Opioid crisis. We will be hiring a yoga instructor to teach at the school for a year, and creating a permanent retreat space for students to put their mindfulness into practice.

Stephanie is a Teach for America special education teacher, and is a member of Bassnectar’s Ambassadors. Teaching, special education, and inclusivity for all students are things she feels passionately about and believes in.

It is our honor to do good through her very capable hands, and to buy these deserving kids a giant bubble pillar.

I have only been at my school for about a year and a half, and during that time I have had multiple students with family members in jail, family members involved in violence or shootings, students whose families are in deep poverty, and students who are experiencing homelessness. Overall our students face a significant amount of trauma. Also our student population is 95% Hispanic, and therefore our students also face trauma and discrimination based on the current political climate-and many have expressed feeling stress or fear over family members being deported. We also have a very high rate of special education students (25%+) at our school… Together with my co-teacher, lead special educator, and supervisor, we researched things that we would like to have to create a calming Haven for our students. Once the room is built, it will be used as a private space to de-escalate students, a space for students facing trauma to relax and calm down, a space for students with autism to come and fulfill their sensory needs…”

we can do more