Education Grant: Art Therapy For The Patients

Danielle’s Art Packs are the second Education Grant project.

Be Interactive exists to fund both large and small projects. While our first education collaborator received a large grant for a big project, Danielle had an experiment she wanted to do, and asked us for $500 to help her make it happen.

As a nursing student at University of North Carolina Wilmington, Danielle will be creating art packs for hospital patients to aid in their healing and in their connection to the medical staff. This work ties into education in a bottom-up way, showing both other nursing students and hospital staff what a difference a small art program can make in patient wellbeing, and how they relate to patients. Her experience in her nursing program is quite powerful, check out the details below.

You can sign up to help

If you would like to contribute art packs to Danielle’s effort in her hospital, please sign up.

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