Breaking a Voter Registration Record with HeadCount

At Bassnectar’s Bass Center 2018 in Hampton, VA, our work to encourage voter turnout came to life – we broke HeadCount’s single day voter registration record!

In combination with our song election drawing fans in, and the event theme of voting, electoral reform, and voting rights, HeadCount was able to register over 200 people to vote on Sunday, September 2, 2018.

Bassnectar’s fan base is largely young, and there were a lot of first time voters in the crowd. We could not be happier to encourage them to vote, and get them set up for the polls, with a great nonpartisan partner like HeadCount!

We just registered 211 people to vote at #BassCenterXI today, the highest single day concert total of the year.
Bassheads were quite excited for the midterms. #TheFutureIsVoting indeed!

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