Positive Action: Be Interactive 2019 Fundraiser Recap

16.5k Health Supplies donated, 100+ messages for women’s health & freedom, positivity painted in middle schools, and outreach from Planned Parenthood, HeadCount, and Students for Sensible Drug Policy at the show.

Health touches every aspect of our lives. From medical decisions, to personal care, to mental health, and beyond. In Nashville, we looked for projects that would leave the city healthier than we found it!

16,547 Health Supplies Donated to Nashville Public Schools

We partnered with Community Achieves, a Nashville public schools initiative (shoutout to Judy, she’s a hero), and helped them meet an urgent need for the upcoming year – health supplies for middle- and high- school students who cannot afford them.

Some students are experiencing poverty or homelessness. Others recently immigrated and are facing a host of other challenges. Attendees donated up in droves to show how they wanted kids to feel confident in gym class, and not worry about being teased for not having deodorant or soap. Such simple needs, but such a big impact on physical and mental health for these young folks.

We filled 2 trucks, 3 SUVs, and 5 cars with supplies.

100+ Messages for Women’s Health & Freedom

Next, we decided to make a statement supporting women in the world, and particularly women in the south. Over 100 fans heeded the call to show up with posters in support of women’s rights.

Several folks were randomly selected to meet up with Bassnectar for a photo:

Positive Messages Painted in Middle Schools

Our friends from the donation drive, Community Achieves, also invited volunteers into the schools the day before the show.

Our mission was to paint positive messages on the walls of the girls bathrooms, and more. We also helped organize existing supply closets. Thank you to the volunteers who went the extra mile and left such an important and lasting message behind.

Awesome Nonprofits

Our three featured nonprofits have a true focus and impact on Health.

Planned Parenthood Action of TN

Planned Parenthood is one of the strongest advocates for health and wellness for all in this country. They stand proudly for women’s freedom and frank, fact-based sex ed for all.


Who we elect has a huge impact on quality and accessibility of healthcare. Headcount is the largest youth voter registration organization in the country. With them, you can register, update your address, sign up for election reminders, and more.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

A student-led effort to end the drug war and bring common sense drug laws into effect. Drug addiction is a health issue, and we are proud to champion compassion and decriminalization with SSDP.

Thank You.