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Gateway to Therapy

Apply for a free month of Therapy that includes four sessions and unlimited texting from our friends at BetterHelp.

Life has highs and lows.

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, having relationship issues, under pressure, or battling depression, or even if you are happy, and ready for advice on moving to the next level – therapy can optimize your life.

Therapy is for everyone, not just people in crisis. Just like a physical therapist, trainer, or yoga teacher helps you develop skills to keep your body healthy, a mental health professional assists you in developing skills to keep your mind healthy.

Mental Health is essential to being healthy and happy.

You are invited to apply for a month of free therapy: for help deciding what to do after college, for dealing with difficulties at work, for getting better at maintaining close friendships, for being assertive and feeling confident— for your mental health.

Over the next year, we will be working with BetterHelp to provide $360,000 of free therapy.
This therapy will be given away in waves, so please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if the application isn’t open below.

Also, please note there are some issues for which online therapy is not appropriate, and therefore any online therapist cannot accept those issues without endangering their license. For those who are not able to use BetterHelp for the issues they are working on, please do take advantage of the resources they offer you – including Crisis Text Line, which can be reached at 741741.

We love you. We support you.

we can do more