Healthcare Grant: Sexology Revolution

Our first 2019 Healthcare Grant recipient is Cheryl, a Tennessee-based Basshead and Child Development major with a double minor in Gender Women’s Studies and Sociology.

Cheryl has a passion for sex ed, and her studies have focused around honing her ability to bring education to those who lack it, due to abstinence-only education, or cultural prohibition. She was waiting in the wings, with an idea to bring missing and crucial education to her Liberal Arts College in TN, hoping Be Interactive would launch a healthcare grant.

And now, as a part of her thesis, she’s going to teach folks about sex.

Be Interactive will purchase supplies for Cheryl’s course, as well as provide additional support the videos she’s producing via the Bassnectar video team.

We’re also asking the Be Interactive community to chip in, by sharing ideas & questions with Cheryl here:

About The Project

Throughout the Fall of 2019, Cheryl is going to prepare a 6-session intensive course on sex ed as a part of the thesis her college requires. Then, at the start of the new year, she’s going to teach it both in a classroom, and online.

Sexology Revolution aims to change the current societal thought process around sex and sexuality that has been instilled in many through the use of abstinence-only education. This project will give me a platform to reach out to others in order to provide accurate information. I want to present this information in a way that sheds new light on sex and removes the negative stigma surrounding it. I want to debunk many of the common myths and “set the record straight” on many topics. This project will open the conversation and allow me to share the necessary information.

The misrepresentation of sex in media today can lead to confusion, discomfort, and a lack of safety for youth. I aim to remove this and provide tools for people of all ages. I will open the floor for questions every session, later answering said questions in the corresponding online video.

The obstacles I may face when battling abstinence-only supporting administration here in Tennessee is approval from the school, financing of the project, and being given the platform. I attend a liberal arts college whose attitude toward sexuality is not shared with the rest of our surrounding town. I have already gathered crucial resources as well as both psychology and social-science board members who have given me their approval to launch this curriculum. If I receive this funding, the college board will grant approval since no funding will come from them. The platform will come through the community of Maryville College and the support that accompanies it.

About Cheryl

Maryville College, the school I attend, has a motto: “Do good on the largest possible scale” -Isaac Anderson. Sexual Education is something that I developed a passion for after emerging from the abstinence-only education cocoon I had been trapped in during my 9 years of attending Catholic Schools here in Tennessee. In my high school, you were sent to detention if they caught you with a condom in your backpack. The education provided was one that instilled fear and gave inaccurate information regarding sex and sexuality to its youth. I fell victim to this, having misinformed sex at a very young age and falling victim to one of many consequences. Unfortunately, I am not alone in this. In fact, most of both past and future generations fall victim to the unfortunate circumstances of abstinence-only education.

In Tennessee, as well as most other states, it is the law that abstinence-only education be taught in middle and high schools and there is no requirement for the individual teaching the course to have any sort of medical/sexuality education experience or training. This snowballs significantly and can be reflected in STI contraction, teen pregnancy, and abortion rates. When inaccurate information is taught, the cycle then repeats with this information being passed down to future generations.

It is my firm belief that I was put on this earth to empower people from all walks of life to break this cycle, take back their sexuality and gain the knowledge necessary to fight the stigma that sex is “bad”. For so long, I lived my life in fear, confusion, and shame. I fear this is the reality for far too many people, as sex has been labeled as something “dirty” and “wrong”. Sex is human, sex is natural, and sex is here to stay. It is my passion to be a resource for people to have the best, healthiest, and most informed sex of their life. I want to help break the stigma and help people understand that sex is a beautiful, divine part of being a human being. I am a Child Development major and a double minor in Gender Women’s Studies and Sociology. I LOVE people. I have traveled to both Switzerland and Peru, visiting various cities to learn about their culture, their children, their education, and their attitudes about sex. Hoping to expand my knowledge further I have traveled to many seminars and conferences in the U.S. about sexuality, race, human trafficking, sexual abuse, incarceration, and many other topics.

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