Flint Brain Food Drive at Freakstyle

It’s time to send our love to Flint. 35,000 meals of it.

At Freakstyle, our goal is to DOUBLE the number of donations usually collected at a Bassnectar event. We’re calling on everyone to pitch in.

We are proud to partner with Conscious Alliance to support hunger relief in the community of Flint, MI at Bassnectar’s Freakstyle 2019, Oct 31- Nov 2. Together, we aim to send 35,000 meals to Flint, MI in our Flint Brain Food Drive, kicking off Conscious Alliance’s November End Childhood Hunger campaign.

Years after the Flint Water Crisis began, despite heroic activism and resilience in the city, challenges remain, including unreplaced, damaged lead pipes, lingering health impacts from lead poisoning & legionnaires disease, and poverty levels that are more than twice that of Michigan overall. Among their needs, this community lists food and water, and we are happy to stand behind them. In particular, our food drive focuses on the youngsters of Flint.

We’re asking Bassnectar fans to select special, extra healthy & fun foods for their donations—organic, child-friendly meals are encouraged. We hope everyone will bring something, and for those who bring a lot, we have a Freakstyle Lunchbox waiting, while supplies last.

If you can’t make it to the show, you can still help us move all these donations to Flint by making an online donation. Please note, these online donations do not include a lunchbox.

Donate 20 non-perishable food items or make a suggested cash donation to our Flint Brain Food Drive to receive a limited-edition Bassnectar Freakstyle 2019 lunchbox. Donations can be brought to the Conscious Alliance booth out front of the Van Andel Arena all three days of Freakstyle, starting at 4 pm.

Our goal is to collect 5000 meals at Freakstyle – DOUBLE what we usually collect at a Bassnectar event. We definitely can’t do this without you.

Great donations include…

– Kid-friendly canned soups
– Annies Mac N Cheese-style products, bonus for added veggies!
– Boxes of low sugar granola bars
– Boxed multigrain/whole grain crackers
– Healthy snacks that sneak veggies in
– Chewable multivitamins for kids
– Trail mixes & granolas with low sugar
– Healthy cereals with low sugar and high fiber
– Spaghetti & spaghetti sauce
– Brown rice
– Boxes of oatmeal
– Healthy baby food

Please choose organic, low sodium, health food oriented meals and snacks for kids that are shelf-stable and durable (ie, no chips in bags, they’ll get crushed). Ramen noodles will not be excepted in exchange for the lunchbox.

Read the Nutrition Facts
What does low sodium mean? 5% DV or less of sodium per serving is considered low, and 20% DV or more of sodium per serving is considered high
What does low sugar mean? More than 6 grams per serving is a lot of sugar for anyone, especially a kid
What does high fiber mean? More than 5 grams of fiber per serving is awesome for kids

After Freakstyle, Conscious Alliance and Be Interactive will hit the road from Grand Rapids to deliver the food donated at the food drive to Food Bank of Eastern Michigan in Flint. Arriving along with our show donations will be an additional full semi truck. On that semi is the other half of the equation— 30,000 nutritious meals, and as much drinking water as we can fit.

Thank you to the kids and families of Flint for graciously welcoming our donation. We hope we can meet the challenge and provide 35,000 meals so you can be nourished as you grow and stand up for what’s right!

we can do more