Deja Voom Consciousness Programming

At Deja Voom, Be Interactive is presenting a wide range of free workshops in The Haven.

We’re also doing a School Supply Drive in collaboration with Bass Network, and a Beach Clean Up.

Thank you to all the local collaborators and our wonderful friends at CID for their help in bringing this all together.

Wednesday February 27

On this arrival day, bring your donations for the School Supply Drive to check in with you. Read more about the school supply drive.

Thursday February 28

Raise your vibes for the weekend!

Welcome to The Haven at Deja Voom. Today, members of the local and international community are joining us from 12 – 6 to present opportunities to do more good with them. Come learn about the incredible work being done to preserve this gorgeous place, leave your gifts on the gift altar, get a beverage from our smoothie bar, and participate in our healing and uplifting Thursday workshop offerings.

Schedule of Events

Haven Grand Opening from 12 – 6 pm

Featuring for one day only:

•K’iin Beh School•
A local school that Deja Voom attendees did their supply drive for, with a mission to create a thorough and engaging education for local underserved and at-risk kids.

•Maya Environmental Education and Research Center•
A local organization working to create bonds between Mayan communities and the rest of the world through environmental education, academic research, immersion trips, voluntourism and social responsibility actions toward reducing water and carbon footprint. Their program that provides bikes to local children who train to become environmental stewards will also be featured. MEER will be selling local artesian crafts to benefit their work.

A local cave exploration and conservation organization. Using modern tech and science, these folks work to protect and document the incredible cenotes throughout the state of Quintana Roo. They aim to create models for sustainability that serve the long-term interests of citizens, and are replicable in other threatened areas.

GVI is an international volunteer and intern abroad program with sustainable principles. They offer ocean conservation projects in the Tulum area and will focus on ocean conservation at our event.

Yoga from 12 – 1 pm

Restoration and Pranayama with Kate

Ancient Wisdom Modern Rituals: DIY with Crystals & Essential Oils from 1 – 2 pm

There is a reason our ancient lineage of Ancestors used the Earth’s gifts of Crystals and Medicinal plants to promote the wellbeing of the Mind, Body and Spirit as one – it’s works!

Whether Crystals or Essential Oils are used separately or combined, their infinite benefits have been scientifically proven to enhance and balance the the body’s natural biological and physiological responses, whilst simultaneously rebalancing the electromagnetic field – aka energy system 🙂

Throughout the workshop we provide information on the healing properties and simple everyday uses for your Crystals and Essential Oils, including basic First Aid techniques, Moon Rituals & DIY recipes (including a free sample of a ´Drishti Blend´ Third Eye Massage Oil)

Shamanic Sound Healing from 2 – 3 pm

Wake up your spirit to start the weekend. Local healer Andrea will lead us through a ceremony with shamanic sounds that give access to a state of deep meditation. The ceremony begins with a brief talk about spiritual awakening according to the Tibetan tradition, followed by a guided meditation that helps your body and mind to relax and be receptive. Tune in to healing songs with the ability to trigger a higher state of consciousness.

Reiki for Everyone from 3 – 4:30 pm

In this interactive class, Margo will help you feel how natural and easy it is to use the energy that is all around us for healing of ourselves and others. Healing of our minds, our bodies and our connection to everyone and everything.

In this class you will:

•Become proficient in using energy for self balance, vitality and healing.•
•Feel how easy it is to access healing energy while you are walking around in your life to lower your stress.•
•Learn a valuable technique that can bring harmony into your relationship with yourself, with others, and with your connection to a higher Self.•
•Understand we have permission to use healing energy to be the best we can be.•
•Learn that you can have 24/7 access to this healing energy without having to rely on, schedule or pay someone else to do this for you.•
•Have a valuable tool that helps all of your other practices work even better!•
•Prove to yourself that you are really a healer with fun and interactive exercises.•

Hula Hooping Playshop from 4:30 – 5:30 pm

This is a rally for hoopers and flow artists of all skill sets, or those with no skill at all! Come trade tricks, make new friends, and jam.

Friday March 1

Get creative!

On Friday, The Haven focuses 100% on creativity. Ill Gates will come present special offerings on music production, and we’ll host a crafting hour. Just bring yourself unless you have a project to work on already! Also in The Haven you will find the gift altar, projects from our ambassadors, and information from all the fantastic organizations we are supporting.

Schedule of Events

Beach Clean Up 9 – 3 pm

Yoga in The Haven from 12 – 1 pm

YinYasa with Sam (Vinyasa/Yin fusion)

Painting Workshop & Craft Hour from 1 – 2 pm

Come paint a special trinket, fill it with all your good vibes, and take it home!

Ill Gates – Composing the Mix from 2 – 5 pm

A good mix can’t save a bad song, but a bad mix will definitely ruin a good song.

Enter ill.Gates: the hero Deja Voom deserves, here to save your music and just generally make life more enjoyable.

Known for his entertaining teaching style this often blunt mentor has a knack for distilling complex concepts into easily digestible nuggets you will remember for the rest of your music career.

For a taste of ill.Gates teaching style check out the first (free) chapter of his ill.Methodology workshop here (and be sure to read the comments).

This workshop is for all skill levels and all DAWs. No matter how long you’ve been making music, you will enjoy yourself, get inspired, and leave the workshop armed with practical and immediately applicable knowledge that will improve your music.

Saturday March 2

Inspiration to act!

On Saturday, it’s time to take the leap with all this good energy we built! With a focus on activism and environment, these workshop offerings will teach us about our beautiful world, and how to be better stewards of it. This is our last day, so come and plug in deep! Don’t forget to thank the Ambassadors and get the info you need to take home with you from the organizations that inspired you the most.

Schedule of Events

Yoga in The Haven from 12 – 1 pm

Ecstatic Movement with Ronny

Crystal clear climate communication — it’s hot right now from 1 – 2 pm

Presented by The Regeneration

Sick and tired of hearing ‘about this global warming? Ever wonder why it’s so hard for people to accept that climate change is real, or why the daily reports of ice caps melting, animals going extinct and wildfires spreading don’t seem to inspire much action? The answers are complex, but they often boil down to communication — mass communication, underground communication, strategic communication — even your own choice of words. Whether you’re OG in the scene or not, come learn science-based communication strategies that’ll give your words long-term success so you can be in the green.

Low-waste living: How to regenerate the world with your lifestyle from 2 – 3 pm

Presented by The Regeneration

Sustainability, the ability to maintain life in its current form over a long duration, needs to be eclipsed by a new paradigm. Living processes don’t just endure; life either evolves and transforms or it stagnates and dies. What we need now are leaders who want to help us shift into a regenerative, low-waste culture so that humans may thrive, not just survive. This participatory workshop will explore how you can lead this transition with your lifestyle through simple, day-to-day waste reduction practices.

Volunteer or Intern Abroad: Ocean Conservation in Mexico from 3 – 4 pm

Presented by GVI

GVI is an international volunteer and intern abroad program with sustainable principles. One of their incredible projects focuses on ocean conservation around the Riviera Maya. They will speak to us about the urgent needs of our ocean, the positive actions we all can take to help, and opportunities to join them around the world.

Exploring & Preserving Cenotes from 4 – 5 pm

Presented by CINDAQ

Finding new cenotes in Riviera Maya? What could be cooler! This local cave exploration and conservation organization uses modern science in service of the incredible cenotes throughout the state of Quintana Roo. They aim to create models for sustainability that serve the long-term interests of citizens, and are replicable in other threatened areas. Learn about Cenotes from those who know the most!

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