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Teaching Today to Save Tomorrow

About this project

Funded by Be Interactive, a nonprofit organization that inspires & empowers music fans to do good in the world, Malanka Riabokin of Zofostro Science created this high school science course on Climate Change. Malanka is an experienced instructional designer who has previously created courses for the University of Arizona, and other major institutions. She was inspired by a story on NPR highlighting the need for real resources to teach climate change.

This project includes everything an instructor would need to teach this unit, released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution license.

At the time of this writing, teachers in public schools are woefully undersupported and overworked. The majority of teachers agree that climate change is a critical topic, however few feel they have the tools necessary to bring this education into their classrooms.

The intent of this project was to create an all-inclusive tool, with no need for teachers to do personal research in order to feel prepared to teach the subjects, or to seek out and spend time researching or developing in- class activities or homework assignments.

Instructors are encouraged to read this teacher’s manual in advance of teaching the course. The manual provides detailed explanations of each lecture, and breaks down everything from scientific concepts to how to analyze graphs. There are supplemental resources on specific topics on the Instructor Resource page at the beginning of the instructions for each day. The text is written to be conversational and engaging, while maintaining scientific accuracy. Supplemental resources cover a wide range of previous knowledge, including youtube videos, articles and primary source scientific publications. The goal is to provide a teacher’s manual that will be useful to instructors with varying degrees of prior knowledge on the subject of science and climate change.

— Teachers Manual, Teaching Today to Save Tomorrow

Download the materials

Please note, this is a 212 MB file.

In the case of slower connections or space concerns, we have also broken the course out into component pieces here:

Supplemental Materials


  • Course Introduction
  • Teachers Manual
  • Syllabus
  • Grading Scheme

This is a 10 MB file.

Green Home Assignment


  • Student Project Instructions
  • Student Project Outline Instructions
  • Grading Rubric

This is a 255 KB file.

Week 1


  • Powerpoint for lecture days 1,2 & 3
  • Materials for in-class activity on Day 3
  • Assessment guide for in-class activity

This is a 71 MB file.

Week 2


  • Powerpoint for lecture days 4,5 & 6
  • Materials for in-class activity on Days 4 & 5
  • Rubric for in-class activities and calculation of carbon footprint

This is a 71 MB file.

Week 3


  • Powerpoint for lecture days 7,8 & 9
  • Assessment guide for in-class activities Days 8 & 9

This is a 14.5 MB file.

Week 4


  • Powerpoint for lecture days 10,11 & 12 rubric for Day 10 homework
  • Rubric for in-class activity Day 11

This is a 44 MB file.

Tell us your story!

Are you an instructor using this course in the classroom? Our community, who funded the creation of this project, would be so happy to hear more about your experience using these resources. Please drop us a line at

Thank you Malanka.

we can do more